About Us

Who is using FlexAndGo hotels search engine ?

Tourists and business traveler both can use FlexAndGo search engine to get the best price for their stay. The key is flexibility, the more flexible dates you can travel the best prices you can get. With FlexAndGo you will get a wide range of prices and dates, according to what your are looking for. A change by a day can saves you hundreds of dollars.

How We Saves you Money

Our search engine is a new search method to find the best hotels prices all over the world. We think different then “classic” hotel search. The search itself focus on days instead of dates, meaning, we are looking for the cheapest hotel prices for the number of days in a 30 days range, Instead of limited search options by enter Check-in and Check-out dates.flexibility to travel on another day can result in dramatically lower fares.

Another new unique option is search for a specific hotel. After entering the name of the hotel, you enter the number of nights you are about to stay in a 30 days range and that’s it, we will find the best deal for you, with no dates limits and wider price range to choose from. More options, less spending time on search engines, and better prices, all in all will give a better online hotel search solution for travelers from all over the world.